Law Enforcement Tries to Slow Down Buffalo Center Truck Traffic

The construction and updating of wind turbines continue in Kossuth County. Heavy equipment is being used to change out propellers or construct towers to improve efficiency and generate more electricity. What becomes problematic is that secondary roads are in constant need of repair as the equipment is moved into position. This requires gravel trucks, both side loaders, and bottom load, to have to move gravel to the roads that need the repair.

Cities such as Buffalo Center, Thompson, Leland, and Forest City are seeing a higher than normal amount of truck traffic, particularly along Highway 9 and Highway 69. Some of these trucks are speeding through these towns causing potentially dangerous situations. Buffalo Center Police have been issuing a number of tickets as have other law enforcement agencies. The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office has been asked to place a speed trailer inside Buffalo Center city limits according to Winnebago County Sheriff Dave Peterson.

Buffalo Center is not the only city that is looking for help in slowing the truck traffic down. Other cities are calling for the speed trailer.

Leland has a nearby playground to the highway which may be cause for concern. As a result, officials are trying to be proactive in slowing down the traffic.

Peterson and local law enforcement would like all drivers to be more vigilant of the truck traffic and take extra precautions whenever possible.



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