Stensrud Trial is Set for December 11th

A December trial has been scheduled for a former professional football player who’s been accused of being drunk and armed with a handgun while attending a Winnebago County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Winnebago County court records say 63-year-old Mike Stensrud pleaded not guilty Wednesday to two misdemeanors: public intoxication and carrying a firearm while under the influence. His trial is set to begin Dec. 11 at the Winnebago County Courthouse in Forest City.

Police say Stensrud, a Winnebago County supervisor, drank alcohol from a cup during the May 21 meeting, and an alcohol breath test showed his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit for driving.

Police say the Stensrud acknowledged having a pistol, which an officer found in one of Stensrud’s pockets.

Stensrud played at Iowa State before going pro. He retired from the National Football League in 1989.