Firework Stands May Not Be As Numerous This Year

You may not be seeing as many tents in your community this year and that is because the number of vendors seeking a license to sell fireworks is down slightly this year.  For area vendors like Pyro Pete’s, that is mixed news. While competition is good, Iowa’s oldest fireworks store has everything that the tents would typically carry according to owner Tim Peterson.

With regards to more out-of-town competition moving into the area, it just doesn’t look like that many will do so. State Fire Marshal, Dan Wood, oversees the licensing process for the state.

This is the third year that the fireworks have been legal again in the state and Wood says the market seems to be figuring itself out.

Vendors can set up shop in a permanent building, or get a permit for a temporary location.

Last year he says they had 35 permanent sites out of the nearly 800 total sites.  While it is legal for you to buy fireworks and possess them anywhere in the state — the law leaves it up local leaders to decide if you can shoot them off in each city.  Most area cities have forbidden the igniting of fireworks out of injury and fire starting concerns. Wood says they don’t get as many phone calls to his office now with questions about where it’s legal to shoot them off.

Those with permanent buildings can sell fireworks between June 1st and July 8th and those with temporary structures can sell them from June 13th to July 8th. For Peterson, this means additional chances for customers to buy tailored fireworks display items.

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