Joice Looking for Donations to Rebuild Community Room, City Hall, and Library

When the Joice Library and Community Center burned down last year, there was concern about how the city could rebuild their municipal institutions. However, in true northern Iowa style, citizens inside the city and the surrounding area began to band together to rebuild and improve upon what they had. Joice Mayor Mark Thoma explained.

In order to make the plans into reality, the city had to find funding mechanisms in order to build. That is when organizers began to come up with ideas that could incorporate and galvanize the residents and businesses into action.

The plans are to improve upon what was originally in both the Community Center and the library. The two separate buildings will provide more opportunities to both gather and educate.

The fund-raising pulled pork dinner will take place in the Joice City Park on Wednesday, June 26th beginning at 5 pm.



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