Buffalo Center City Council to Hold a Public Hearing

The Buffalo Center City Council will meet tonight beginning at 7 pm. The meeting will begin with a public hearing on a proposal to enter into a general obligation garbage truck acquisition loan agreement. The council is looking to purchase a garbage truck and is asking for public opinion on whether the city should enter into the agreement.

After the conclusion of the public hearing, the council will hear from various committees to the council. The Pool Committee will deliver a quote for the wading pool to the council. The Street Committee will discuss using a flashing speed limit sign in order to slow down some of the traffic going through town. Other committees that will report tot he council include the sewer, parks, water and library committees.

Finally, the solid waste committee will forward a resolution 8-2019 that authorizes and approves a loan agreement, providing for the sale and issuance of a $110,000 note. It also provides for the levy of taxes to pay for the note.

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