Road Repairs Continue in Forest City

Street repairs continue in Forest City. Several locations are currently blocked off or are down to one lane. The Forest City Street Department is asking that everyone use caution when driving through these areas.

Curb & gutter replacements are in progress. Expect occasional temporary lane closures. Expect limited access in areas where curb work extends through driveways. These may include but are not limited to, Sweetgrass Ln., Pleasant St., J Street, and North West Street.

The pavement is being replaced on J St. between S. Best St. and 11th St. There is a full closure until sometime next week. Drivers will be able to detour by using the next street over and going around the block.

Water service work is expected to conclude by the end of this week on I St. between John K. Hanson Dr. and Cathedral Oaks Rd. Expect occasional single-lane closures until this work is complete.

An intake will be installed on the corner of Winnebago Way and Westhaven Dr. starting tomorrow. Also, an intake will be adjusted on Indian Ave. between 160th Ave. and Winnebago Way. Expect temporary lane closures until later this week.

Street milling has started today and is expected to continue for the next 8 to 10 days. Asphalt overlay operations are expected to begin later this week. Work is now expected to start on the south end of town and progress northward. Expect street closures and limited access to driveways during the day and overnight in areas where new asphalt is placed. This work is expected to continue for the next 2 or more weeks. Sump pump lines putting water in the street will need to be redirected until after the paving is complete. The City will be contacting homeowners to coordinate this effort. Heartland will be contacting business owners with a schedule for any work in front of or near business entrances.


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