Pyro Pete’s Reopens for the Fourth of July

It is close to the time of year when we celebrate our independence and the birth of our nation. Signs that the date is close can be seen by the opening of Pyro Pete’s, Iowa’s oldest fireworks store. Tim Petersen, owner of the store on Highway 9, is excited to be open again.

Thor and his owner make their selections for the 4th of July.

There are still people who will travel to Missouri or Wisconsin to buy fireworks, but now they can turn locally to a company that is strictly local. Many of the tent stores that will arrive shortly are out of town or even out of state merchants. Petersen says his store has what the tent stores will carry.

One of the benefits of having a locally owned store is the fact that Petersen and his staff have the ability to put together a tailored display for your family event on the Fourth.

Petersen has been the mastermind behind various fireworks displays in the past in Forest City including Puckerbrush Days and the Winnebago County Relay for Life.


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