Blue Stars Provide Opportunities for Local and Future Teachers

The unmistakable late May and early June sounds of music are in the air. At one point, no matter where you traveled in Forest City, you would either hear the sounds of the Tree Town Festival or the drums and horns of the Blue Stars in spring training at Waldorf University.

The drum and bugle corps is now in its eighth year at Waldorf University, training for another national tour of competitions. The students are training seven days a week in order to get ready. During this time, area businesses and stores benefit dramatically from the nearly 200 people involved in the corps.

Executive Director Russ Gavin explained the daily routine of the musicians in the group.

These fine arts music students are some of the best that the world has to offer, and they are gathered here in northern Iowa.

Blue Star musicians take a break from afternoon drills

These musicians have worked hard learning their instruments even before they were hand picked by the Blue Stars. Once they have begun to master the instrument, they get a little help in finding the route to being a Blue Star.

The musicians, some of whom are local, take the experience they gain with the Blue Stars and further their fine arts careers.

Blue Star musicians go through the dinner line.

In tomorrow’s segment, you are what you eat and for the Blue Stars, energy from food is critical to their success.


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