King Weighs in on E-15 Ruling

Congressman Steve King releases this statement following the issuance Friday of a final rule by the Environmental Protection Agency that allows for the sale of E15 fuel on a year-round basis. Allowing E15 to be sold in summer months has been a key priority for Congressman King, and year-round E15 was the subject of discussion between King and President Trump in the White House’s Oval Office last October.

“The final rule released Friday by EPA Administrator Wheeler means that E15 can now be sold year-round which is a change I have long been seeking,” said King. “The year-round E15 rule shows that President Trump is a man who keeps his promises, and it is the fulfillment of a promise President Trump made to me when we discussed the importance of removing the EPA’s ‘summer sales’ ban on E15 during our Oval Office meeting. In fact, two days after we met, President Trump announced the change.

Today’s final rule ends the EPA’s needless ‘summer sales’ ban on E15, and it does so in time for this year’s summer driving season. The Trump Administration’s decision to open the calendar to increased sales of ethanol at the time of year when Americans drive the most is a major victory for farmers, fuel distributors, and consumers. I am grateful for the rule change because year-round E15 will promote greater use of ethanol and it will strengthen our important biofuels industry. The most important component is that stations can now go to E15 in their E10 tanks and sell E15 just like they long have with E10.”

King has long been recognized as one of the leading proponents for biofuels like ethanol in the United States House of Representatives, and he practices what he preaches. His personal vehicles never contain anything less than E10, and that has been the case for at least a generation. In 2018, King was awarded the “Fueling Growth” award for working in Congress to promote the use of ethanol and for his  strong support of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS).

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