NORTH IOWA OUTDOORS: The Eagles are Coming

In a few weeks, fully grown eagle chicks will be starting to stretch there wings and leave their safe nest. They will begin to be seen throughout the area hunting on area lakes, rivers, and streams. Peak fledging for eagles is in June. As these majestic raptors soar overhead or dive to catch prey, they provide incredible views of nature at its most powerful level. Eagles have already been sighted along the Winnebago River in Forest City, soaring over both Crystal Lake and Clear Lake, along the Iowa River near Belmond, and several lakes in Minnesota.

There was a time when eagles were not often seen according to Winnebago County Naturalist Lisa Ralls.

Many who actively search out eagles in order to observe them make a number of common mistakes. As majestic and visually powerful as the birds are, they should not be viewed up close. Ralls explains the best way to observe our national symbol.

Many are under the perception that eagles preferably on land, but that isn’t the case.

Under no circumstances should you disturb or approach the nest if you come across it. Just like the birds themselves, the nest should be viewed from a distance at all times.






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