Corn and Bean Prices Jump on Thursday

Farmers who have been storing grains over the winter took full advantage of a spike in the grain futures on Thursday. Some grain prices were unusually high due to a number of factors. Randy Broesder of the Farmers Coop in Forest City explained the market rise in corn prices.

With corn prices where they are traditionally, and due to the lateness of the planting season, there may be some changes in planting plans.

That is if the two states can actually get any planting in. The rain has been heavier in some locations in both states causing longer delays in planting.

Beans were another commodity that took an interesting jump on Thursday.

How long that sympathy lasts depends strictly on the weather. Farmers are watching the skies says Broesder.

The market will reflect the number of acres that are planted and the prices will reflect it. The question is what will be the range in price going forward.

Until then, farmers are concerned about the weather and the dryness of the fields.







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