Hancock County Votes to Shut Off Power at Annex

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors has decided it’s time to disconnect power to the dilapidated Annex Building across from the courthouse in Garner, after receiving pricey news the county can’t justify spending. During the Hancock County Board of Supervisors meeting held on Tuesday, Supervisor Jerry Tlach explains why.

In recent years, Hancock County has utilized the Annex building for storage, but department heads have begun clearing it out. All unused items deemed of value will be sold at the Hefty Auction on June 15th.

In other news, due to new election mandates for absentee ballots, Hancock County needs to implement an official county seal. According to Supervisor Tlach, currently, the county uses different seals for the various offices like the Auditor’s office, but does not have an official seal for the entire county as a whole.

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