Take it Easy on the Roads

AAA predicted record for travel this Memorial Day weekend. Iowa State Patrol trooper John Farley says that means you’ll see a lot of traffic on the state’s roadways.

Locally, the Special Traffic Enforcement Program or STEP is in place. This program puts extra officers on area roads and highways to watch for use of seat belts, drunk drivers, and other offenses.

Farley says during this holiday weekend they are using “SIDE” to explain what you need to do to be safe.

The I stands for impairment and making sure you are not under the influence of alcohol, drugs or anything else will driving. The D is for distractions.

Farley says they want to see the number of fatal accidents on the roadways come down this year.

Farley says there were four fatal traffic accidents in Iowa last Memorial Day.

Already in Forest City, police have made a number of traffic stops, while in Garner, Britt, and Lake Mills, police and the county sheriff’s officers continue to monitor the roads.

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