Forest City Historical Center Provides Family Genealogy

Many area residents have begun or are wondering, about their local family history. Some can trace back to grandparents or great grandparents who lived or moved to the area. Getting beyond that point can be problematic. However, there may be answers to these questions lying in an extensive collection of history and family trees at the Historical Center in the Mansion Museum in Forest City. Ruth Leibrand and Carol Whiteis have worked countless hours collecting up genealogical information on area residents.

Leibrand explained that even people who are from out of town and are searching for family history, make their way to the Historical Center.

An entire wing of the Mansion Museum is dedicated not only to obituary cards, but to historical documents, family records, platbooks, old phone books, and even maps of local cemeteries so that those who are buried there can be easily located. Leibrand said that the cemetery map collection is extensive.

Those fascinated with locating old local schoolhouses and the students who attended them, can find the information in the Historical Center.

Those who are searching for family trees, can find a number of them in the Historical Center according to Whiteis.

The center runs on donations from those who visit. The center is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12pm to 3pm, and on Sundays from June to August between 1pm to 4pm. Books, CDs, and other collected information are also available for sale in the center.






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