Hancock Board to Set Swine Finisher Public Hearing

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 9am to set the date and time for a public hearing on a new 2,450 head deep pit swine finisher building. It will be an addition to current building on the swine confinement facility in Erin Township. The board will set the hearing in order to hear from nearby residents and gather their views on the issue.

After discussing the upcoming county auction and what items and personal property will be up for bidding, the board will hear from Hancock County Drainage Clerk Ann Hinders on a number of drainage issues. The meeting with Hinders is scheduled for 10am and will include an eighth pay estimate on Drainage District 3 and 4 Lateral 8 with Reutzel Excavating. Hinders will also discuss the seventh pay estimate for Drainage District 1 and 2 West Main, Drainage District 38 Main A. These projects are open ditch repairs.

Other district issues include a third change order for Drainage District 130 where there are slight cost overruns, and Drainage District 1 & 2 West Main where there are slide repairs. Hinders would also like to review drainage levies with the board.

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