Drainage Work Orders Cause Confusion in Hancock County

Confusion and frustration broke out Monday at the Hancock County Board of Supervisors meeting as to who was authorized to do drainage work orders and who gets to collect on said orders. Last month, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors approved 8 licensed contractors to repair nearly 65 low cost drainage tile projects. Two such work orders were given to Travis Schleusner and Holland Contracting, but unauthorized contractor Tom and Jim Legge actually repaired the tiles and demanded payment. According to Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach, this poses a problem.

The Legge brothers struggled to understand why they couldn’t be paid by the county, although they were not approved contractors at the time they performed the work, and the work orders were appointed to 2 other contractors, who were approved. The brothers tried to find a way around the Code of Iowa in order to receive payment.

That was Hancock County Drainage Clerk Ann Hinders, who reminded the brothers that said project was legally appointed to another contractor. Supervisor Gary Rayhons agreed with Hinders sentiment that the legal process has to be followed and justified by the taxpayers.

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