Experts Say It Will Be Cooler and Wetter Than Normal Locally

The area has seen its ups and downs temperature wise with highs in the 80’s followed by what forecasters say cooler, wetter weather that will likely dominate much of the rest of the month and well into June. Area farmers have been hurrying to get the crop into the ground with the short dry spell that occurred. However rains last night and those likely through Tuesday are dampening those plans.

During a National Weather Service briefing, climatologist Martha Shulski says heavy rain will spread across Iowa and much of the Northern Plains next week, raising the critical risk of renewed flooding.

In spite of a few scattered hot and humid days, north Iowa’s weather has been much cooler than normal this spring and forecasters anticipate that pattern will remain.

Thanks to the El Nino, it’s possible the cool, wet weather will last well into summer, as will the risk of more flooding, as the ground remains saturated in many parts of the state. Locally, some extensive ponding in fields had dried out, but the threat of new rainfall may make them return.

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