Bomb Threat at the Kwik Star in Garner

Garner, Iowa – It was a hectic scene at Kwik Star in Garner this morning. According to the Garner police department, early this morning they received a 911 call from Kwik Star stating a bomb was reported in a minivan near the store. Store manager Ray Besco tells KIOW that the call didn’t come from them, because he didn’t know until he received a call from the Hancock County Sheriff Department.

Besco says you don’t think something like this will happen when you first wake up.

Kwik Star has a company action plan for situations like this, Besco says they practiced but didn’t think they would ever have to use it.

Right now this is an active investigation and law enforcement is not releasing information. Chief Dodge told KIOW that right now the city and citizens should not be alarmed there is no active threat.

Peggy Lemke of Miller tells KIOW that things like this are not supposed to happen in small town Iowa.

KIOW can confirm that the Kwik Star is now open for the public once again, but the investigation continues for the Garner Police Department. The vehicle was removed by law enforcement around 12:40 pm, and right now they are not releasing who the vehicle belonged to. They also are not releasing who made the threat or made the call to law enforcement. We will have the latest right here on KIOW.com along with our Facebook, Twitter, and live reports when we know more.

The Garner Police Department was assisted by Hancock County Sheriff, Britt Police, Forest City Police, ISP, Garner Fire, Winnebago/Hancock County Emergency Management, State Fire Marshalls, and Local Fire Marshalls.

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