Forest City Education Foundation Awards Scholarships to FCHS Graduating Seniors

The Forest City Education Foundation Scholarship Banquet was held on Wednesday night and members of the Class of 2019 received a number of scholarships for use in their college endeavors. Ray Beebe is the president of the foundation and he explained the awards night.

The event on Wednesday night was very special not just for the students who received their scholarships, but also for the foundation who matched and possibly exceeded last years total amount awarded.

Forest City has one of the largest education foundation programs in the area. According to Beebe, there is one group that is larger.

For any foundation to make these scholarships available, it needs donors. People, businesses, and corporations willing to step up and donate funds that can be used to help pay for the future of area youth heading to college. Many students may not have the means to pay for college and programs like this are a big help. Naturally, the Forest City Education Foundation is looking for donors to maintain the high standard of excellence in the awarding of scholarships.

Beebe thanked the area residents and businesses who donated money to help create and maintain the scholarships awarded on Wednesday night. He also said that there were more than just he and the foundation who appreciative.

Here is the list of students and the scholarships that they received.

Scholarship Recipient
Carole Anderson Memorial Scholarship Kelsey Koch
Denny Lovick Memorial Scholarship Blaze Andersen
Class of 1973 Hannah Niederkofler
Raymond Stark Memorial Scholarship Treyton Blaser
Bill C. Fox Scholarship Cody Stricker
High School Student Council Leadership
Scholarship Josie Edel
Walley & Marj Felland Scholarship Gabriel Staudt
Dr. Laila Buck Scholarship Tanya Olsen
Dave Draheim Memorial Scholarship
Charles Hobson, Natalie Moore,
Sadie Callow
Ed Putney Memorial Scholarship Kalin Knudtson
Nyhus Family Agricultural Enrichment
Scholarship Ally Larson, Natalie Jefson
Nyhus Family Scholarship Christy Mettry
Jenkins Family Scholarship Isaiah Monson
Marketing Scholarship Ellie Reece
Kimberly Hope Jordal Memorial Tanya Olsen
Bob and Ruth Johnson Scholarship Emma Segerstrom
Hagen Woman Entrepreneur Scholarship Sierra Owen
Ray Brcka Memorial Scholarship Jacob Trunkhill
Holland Contracting Scholarships
Jacob Trunkhill, Jordan Spooner,
Blaze Andersen, Cody Lunning
The Reece Family Scholarship
Josie Edel, Sarah Hovinga, Maria
Randy and Tracy Broesder Family
Mandy Anzivino, Matthew
Forest City Farmers’ Coop Scholarship
Ally Larson, Natalie Jefson, Tanya
Graphic Design/Marketing Scholarship Kalin Knudtson
The Wilson Family Isaiah Monson
Robert and Gail Kuefler Scholarship Jordan Spooner, Jacob Trunkhill
Wanda Petterson and Wanda Ann
Petterson Memorial Music Scholarship Treyton Blaser, Sarah Hovinga
Larry W. Lovick Scholarship Ally Larson
The Carson Family Scholarship in Memory
of Paul and James Natalie Jefson
The Pillars Scholarship – Recognition Nicole Callow
American Legion School Award and
Scholarship – Recognition Caleb Barker
Winnebago Industries Foundation
Sarah Hovinga, Cody Stricker,
Ellie Reece, Jordan Spooner,
Jasmine West, Christy Mettry,
Mary Rockwell, Christopher
Diekhuis, Chandler Stecker,
Matthew Rossmiller, Maria
Vazquez-Cordova, Charles
Hobson, Chris Rippentrop, Dylan
Solberg, Jacob Trunkhill
FCHS Class of 1966 Ally Larson
Russ Piehl Memorial Scholarship Hannah Bruns
LeDonna R. Durant Scholarship Gabriel Staudt
Durant Foundation Scholarship Emma Segerstrom
Lyle and Velma Jefson Family Memorial
Scholarship Natalie Jefson
Hobbs Family Memorial Scholarship Ally Larson, Jacob Trunkhill
Kingland Construction Scholarship Jordan Spooner
Forest City Military Commitment
Scholarship Alyssa Buffington
United States Marine Corps Scholastic
Excellence Award – Recognition Gabriel Staudt
United States Marine Corps Semper Fi
Award for Musical Excellence – Recognition Treyton Blaser
United States Marine Distiguished Athlete
Awards – Recognition
Micah Lambert, Emma
Elsie Marie Johnson Scholarship Randy Vaughan
Zirbel Family Scholarship Sarah Hovinga
Paddlers Giving Back Scholarship Josie Edel
DeKalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award Ally Larson
FC FFA Alumni Scholarship Tanya Olsen
KI Seeds Scholarship Natalie Jefson
Alvera and James Lovick FFA Scholarship Jacob Trunkhill
FC Veterinary Clinic Scholarship Paris Reimann, Chandler Stecker
Worth County Development Association
(WCDA) Scholarship – Recognition
Blaze Andersen, Kyra Boeckholt,
Hannah Bruns, Jacob Olson
Mike and Jean O’Rourke Appreciation
Scholarship Hanna Coppes
Forest City Lions Sportsmanship Award –
Recognition Gabriel Staudt, Makayla Kingland
Eugene Morris FC Lions Scholarship Micah Lambert
Forest City Lions Denny Lovick Memorial
Scholarship Brady Cantu
Nelson/Straks Family Scholarship Nicole Callow
Masonic Lodge Scholarship
Jacob Olson, Cody Stricker, Ally
Larson, Natalie Jefson
Daniel Ingram Memorial Scholarship Sarah Hovinga
Clifford and Merna Torkelson Family
Scholarship Jacob Olson
Oleson Family Scholarship Award –
Recognition Caleb Barker, Paris Reimann
Colby Schleuger Class of 2020 Memorial
Scholarship Chandler Stecker, Jacob Trunkhill
Ron & Hope Lichtsinn Scholarship Alyssa Buffington, Treyton Blaser
Doug and Donna Jackson Family
Scholarship Isaiah Monson
Jim and Chrys Velky Family Scholarship Micah Lambert
Benson/Torkelson Memorial Scholarship Ally Larson
Frakes Family Scholarship Hannah Niederkofler
Steve & Nancy Olson Family Scholarship Nicole Callow
Don and Edell Westerberg “Make
Something of Yourself” Scholarship Madison Korthals
Lynn Hill Memorial Scholarship Christy Mettry
Lee and Linda Hinkley Scholarship Caleb Barker
Nate Wicker Memorial Scholarship Sadie Callow
Clarence A. Hawkes Scholarship –
Jacob Olson, Sarah Hovinga,
Caleb Barker, Treyton Blaser,
Micah Lambert, Randy Vaughan,
Kelsey Koch, Brady Cantu
Middle School Scholarship Avery Busta
Class of 1967 Bobby Davis Memorial
Scholarship Alyssa Buffington, Kyra Boeckholt
Steve Olson Scholarship Emma Segerstrom
Heartland Power Scholarship – Recognition Makayla Kingland
American Bar Association Citizenship
Award & Scholarship Caleb Barker
Frank F. Sinnard Memorial Scholarship Paris Reimann
FC High School Resiliency Scholarship
Hannah Bruns, Randy Vaughan,
Charles Hobson, Brady Cantu
KIOW Scholarship Dylan Solberg
Brooker Cup Award and Scholarship
(Outstanding Male Athlete) Avery Busta
Alfred Buckley Award and Scholarship
(Outstanding Female Athlete) Kelsey Koch
Hertzke Family Scholarship Hanna Coppes
Richard & Doris Putz Memorial scholarship Josie Edel
Kirby Thompson Memorial Scholarship Natalie Moore
Shannon Torkelson Memorial Fund Noelle Jones
Iota Delta Beta Chapter of Tri Beta Forest
City, IA Scholarship Ellie Reece
Rotary Waldorf University Scholarships Luke Johnson, Nicole Callow
Willig Family Scholarship Kyra Boeckholt
Bernie Saggau Award (athletic award) Jacob Olson
Farm & City Insurance Services Scholarship Dylan Solberg
Vera and Richard Hynes Scholarship Micah Lambert
Roger Schaefer Memorial Scholarship Ally Larson
Class of ’88 Scholarship Cody Stricker
Bob & Kathy Olson Family Scholarship Gabriel Staudt, Jacob Olson
Kleemeier Family Scholarship
Josie Edel, Jordan Spooner,
Sarah Hovinga, Christy Mettry,
Mary Rockwell, Maria Vazquez-
Martin & Emma Lee Nielsen Scholarship Kyra Boeckholt
Ludwig Family Scholarship Hannah Niederkofler
Winnebago Soil and Water Conservation
Scholarship – Recognition Ally Larson
P.E.O. Scholarship Makayla Kingland
P.E.O. STAR National Award – Recognition Natalie Jefson
The Allan Gilbertson Memorial
Scholarship/The Gilby Award Emma Segerstrom
College Athlete-Educator Scholarship Avery Busta
Bill’s Family Foods Scholarship
Josie Edel, Hanna Coppes, Nicole
Walker Family Scholarship Jacob Olson
Carl & Sandy Wagner Scholarship Natalie Jefson
Tom & Tammy Larson Family Scholarship Mary Rockwell
Schnebly Family Scholarship Kalin Knudtson
FCHS Engineering Alumni Scholarship Jordan Spooner
Waldon Groves Scholarship Cora Holland, Josie Edel
Grunhovd Education Scholarship Natalie Jefson
Academic/Athletic/Arts Scholarship Randy Vaughan
Anna Harringa Nursing Scholarship
Tanya Olsen, Hanna Coppes,
Mary Rockwell
Bear Creek Pro-Am Scholarship Avery Busta, Micah Lambert
Raymond & Joan Beebe Waldorf
Scholarship – Recognition Luke Johnson
TSB Bank Scholarship Ellie Reece, Madison Korthals
Principal’s Leadership Award Jacob Olson
Dennis K. Branstad Scholarship Jordan Spooner
R.W Branstad Scholarship Natalie Jefson
E.E. Branstad Scholarship Ally Larson
Joyful Spirit Scholarship Sadie Callow
Doug Book Memorial Scholarship Alyssa Buffington
Get on the Bus Staff Scholarship
Cora Holland, Gabriel Staudt,
Josie Edel, Kelsey Koch
Raymond & Joan Beebe Family Scholarship
Micah Lambert, Jacob Olson, Ellie
Reece, Caleb Barker
FCHS Achievement Scholarship Kyra Boeckholt
Drackley/Heidemann Family Scholarship Avery Busta
Hanson Foundation Grants all applicants
Forest City Education Academic
FCHS Outstanding Senior Girl & Boy Josie Edel & Jacob Olson


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