West Hancock Community Schools Switch Contractors

West Hancock Community School District was prepared to make some renovations to its buildings in order to add space and create a more modern educational atmosphere. Just as things were about to move forward, a minor hiccup took place. West Hancock Community Schools Superintendent Wayne Kroneman explained that the Samuels Group from Des Moines was the lowest bidder in the renovation project. Their bid came in over $100,000 lower than all the other bidders. However,

The Samuels Group then officially withdrew from the project leaving the school district and its superintendent to try and find a contractor in a hurry.

The project is planned to start on time and at a projected, expected cost. The district did gain financially from the errors made by the Samuels Group.

The high school will get a new canopy to designate where the front entrance is, the lockers will get pushed back into the walls, new trophy cases, a redone commons area, new flooring, and there will be work done to the offices, among other items.

According to Kroneman, the district has prepared alternate ways to access events and functions occurring over the summer time in the school.

Drivers education courses will be moved to the elementary school.




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