Kanawha Looking to Discuss Options on Unsafe Properties

The Kanawha City Council will meet tonight beginning at 6pm to discuss several issues on its agenda. First, the council will discuss city business and hear from the general public on issues they feel should be addressed. The council may not act on them, but instead schedule them for a later date.

The council will have a discussion with its legal counsel on what options are available for a house located at 226 East 2nd Street. The house was involved in a fire, but since that time, the basic structure of the house remains. The council wants to know what steps the city can take to eventually tear it down. A second property located at 118 North Main Street has also been nuisance abated, but still remains a dangerous structure. according to the city, the back of the house is almost gone. The city believes this may pose a danger to area youth so they are looking into options regarding the house including, but not limited to, demolishing it.

A sump pump flowing out into the street is the cause of a third issue. The house is located on 6th Street in Kanawha and water from the pump is creating standing water on the road. The city may want the piping redirected so that it does not effect the street.

The city will conclude the meeting with a second reading of two proposed ordinances. The first will raise water rates by 2% in the city, while the sewer rate also goes up by 2%.

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