Buffalo Center City Council to Discuss a Budget Amendment

The Buffalo Center City Council will meet tonight beginning at 7pm with a public hearing on a proposed budget amendment to the current fiscal years’ budget. The council will hear from the public on their concerns or support of the measure. The board will then close the meeting after all comment is heard.

A regular session will begin with the council approving all city business. The council will then hold an open forum for the public to address the council on issues they feel should be addressed. During the forum, Vicki Berschman will talk about sidewalk removal, Jenell Martini will discuss the bike trail, and Rich Welter will discuss mosquito control.

The council will hear committee reports including a discussion on the quote for the wading pool at the aquatic center and the Street Committee discussing mosquito control. Afterwards the council is expected to act on the budget amendment resolution, a revision in the employee handbook, and campsites in trailer parks.

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