Hancock County’s R35 is Paved – Road to Open this Month

After what seemed like an eternity due to poor weather conditions, Hancock County is finalizing its $5.4 million reconstruction project on county road R35. Paving is now complete on county road R35 (also known as James Avenue) between Britt and Kanawha, according to Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach.

Until the project is finalized, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors is assessing $2,000 a day damages to the contractor for violation of the contract’s completion date.  Motorists are encouraged to use county road R26 until R35 has been re-opened.

In other business: During the weekly board meeting Monday, the Hancock County Supervisors discussed right of way acquisitions for drainage ditches. Tlach tells why the board feels this needs to be done.

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will be in touch with the county’s drainage attorney to assist in writing a right of way acquisition policy that fits within the code of Iowa and benefits the landowners in Hancock County.

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