Winnebago Supervisors Set Several Public Hearings on Drainage

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors have set several public hearings on drainage matters. The areas include Drainage District 21, 18, and 68-136. These are all systems that need cleaning of debris and silt along with a few repairs.

The board examined the situation surrounding Drainage District 18 and learned that there is an 1/8th inch co-efficient pipe that needs to be upgraded to at least a 1/2 inch pipe. At this time, no estimate has been established because there are eight different areas in the district that need to be evaluated. The public hearing for this will be held on June 25th beginning at 11am. Residents along in the district will have the chance to voice their opinion on the project and if 50% of the landowners who own 70% or more of the land in the district vote the project down, the work will not be done.

Another issue to be addressed in a June 25th Public Hearing will be a shared district with Kossuth County. Drainage District 21 which runs close to the Minnesota border. The drainage system needs cleaning according to some residents there and the county drainage clerk had the system evaluated. They found that it runs into Drainage District 68 which in turn joins Kossuth County’s Drainage District 136. According to the evaluation, it would not do any good to clean Drainage District 21 without also cleaning lines in the other two districts. Kossuth County makes up a very small portion of the project and was willing to go forward with proceedings on the project. The total cost is estimated to be $24,367.30 for Drainage District 21, $11,002.40 for the portion of the main ditch in Drainage District 68 that needs cleaning, and $91,630.90 for Lateral 2 in Drainage District 68-136 which will need to be completely done.

In all, eight different districts will be addressed in the June 25th public hearings which are set to begin around 11am in the Supervisors Office of the Winnebago County Courthouse in Forest City.


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