Reynolds Signs Sibling Classroom Placement Law

Area parents will now have a voice in where their sibling children may be placed in a classroom setting. HF 598 allows the parent(s) or guardian to request of their local school principal, that their children be placed in the same or separate classrooms. This is if the children are at the same grade level academically and applies only from Kindergarten through fifth grade.

By contrast, the principal, in consultation with the classroom teachers from the prior school year, may recommend classroom placement to the parent(s) or guardian. The principal can also provide placement unless the classroom was disrupted by the siblings, their actions were detrimental to others students success, or the prevented other students abilities to participate in or benefit from the services, activities, or privileges provided by the school. A parent or guardian can then appeal the principals decision to the school board.

The bill is designed to create more active participation for the parents or guardian in the students life.

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