Winnebago Supervisors Mull Over Non-Public Areas in the Courthouse

Courthouses across the area and the state have or are considering closing off sections of their buildings to videotaping. The problem lies with individuals who are not members of the professional broadcast press, walking into public places such as courthouses and videotaping everything including sensitive documentation. These documents could include, but are not limited to, personal tax information, health records, and other vital records information which may be on a desk or a counter and are being processed.

Winnebago County Attorney Kelsey Beenken explained to the Winnebago Supervisors the process she is using to limit access.

Essentially all space behind public counters or anything other than a lobby like in the Public Health Offices, the Winnebago, Hancock, Worth Mental Health Offices, break rooms, court rooms when not in session, court staff offices, Judge’s Chambers, storage areas, and equipment rooms.

Beenken wants signs placed in non-public areas to warn of the limited access. The signs were said to cost around five dollars each. Videotaping can be done in the Supervisors Chambers while in session.



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