New Phone Scam Reported

Another phone scam is being reported and the scammer is posing as an employee of the Iowa State Patrol. The caller who initially dials from a 712 area code, tells the person on the other end that there is an outstanding out-of-state warrant that was issued against you. The caller goes on to say that the whole issue can be cleared up if you pay the fine.

According to the Department of Criminal Investigation, the caller wants you to pay the fine through a Google Play account or a similar online account program. The department says that the DCI does not handle fine payments in this manner.

However, the caller is persistent. If you do not answer, or if you hang up, they will call again and this time the call shows up as 911. The caller will make a second and more aggressive attempt to collect the bogus fine.

The DCI stresses that these calls are not, and will not come from their offices. Further, they urge anyone who receives these calls to not give out personal information, credit card numbers, or any other information. Simply hang up on the caller and immediately call your local law enforcement office or the Iowa Attorney General’s Office Hotline at (515) 281-5926 or (888)-777-4590.

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