Heavy Machinery is on the Road Again in the Area

The season has begun in the area when farmers are out either getting fields ready or they have begun the spring planting process. This means that heavy equipment will be back out on the roads. Drivers in the area need to pay special attention to the over-sized farm equipment, especially now because of the condition of some B-Class secondary roads which may have significant frost boils to contend with. Farmers might be finding alternate routes into their fields.

Regardless, Iowa Highway Patrol Sergeant Nate Ludwig urges drivers to be careful, especially around the big tractors.

Passing on roads can become a problem. Many impatient drivers will try to pass in no passing zones which could create dangerous situations, not only for passengers in your car, but others on the road as well.

With area rainy weather becoming a problem for planting, whatever windows farmers have now can sometimes mean planting in short 24 hour windows. As a result, these tractors may be hard to see at night. Drivers are urged to use caution and be vigilant about the road ahead.

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