Benefits Clarified for Winnebago County Road Employees

At a recent Winnebago County Supervisors Meeting in Forest City, questions were raised about the text of the contracts between the county and the Secondary Road employees. The concerns centered around post employment benefits.

At the end of this fiscal year, Winnebago County Road Department employees will no longer have an extended retirement package consisting of three years paid health insurance. At a recent meeting of the supervisors, the benefit was brought into question and voted down. Initially road crew employees started at 80% of potential pay. Followed in the second year with a 10% increase or 90% of potential pay. The third year, employees receive 100% of their potential pay scale.

The current wage agreement calls for the Secondary Roads Engineer, who is the department head, to decide the probationary pay scale which could be anywhere from 90% of potential pay, to up to 100%. The duration of the probationary employment period is also determined by the Secondary Roads Engineer.

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