SUNDAY TALK: Komendowski on the Raising of Our Children

Raising children has changed from generation to generation. So have modern advances and through it all, the ethics of how we raise our children has come into question. Such things as digital literacy, youth risk factors, vaping, and hidden social media accounts, all come into play. The Partnership for a Healthy Iowa is reaching out to area communities to help parents be parents and provide guidelines for both youth and adults alike.

Peter H. Komendowski, President of The Partnership for a Healthy Iowa

Peter H. Komendowski, who is President of the group, which is a part of the Governor’s Office on Drug Control Policy, sat down with KIOW/KHAM News Director A. J. Taylor to discuss this mission and how everyone can benefit, in our Sunday Talk.

You can get in touch with Komendowski by e-mailing him at or calling (515) 729-7334.

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