One Last Winters Gasp on Saturday

Old Man Winter just won’t go to sleep. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for the entire broadcast area beginning Saturday morning and continuing into the evening. The reason is because of a storm system forming in the Rockies that has the potential to dump four to eight inches of snow on the area. This clipper system is fast moving according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Brook Hagenhoff in the Johnston office.

The darker yellow represents 8-12 inches of new snow while the lighter represents 4-8 inches. Courtesy of the National Weather Service.

Depending on how the central part of the low tracks will determine the level of snow we will get. If the central part of the low tracks further south along I-80 through Des Moines, we will see heavier amounts of snow than if it were to track along Highway 20 through Webster City and Waterloo which is further north. Just a shift in 50 to 100 miles of the low track will significantly alter the snowfall forecast. Hagenhoff explains what the weather service currently sees.

The ground has been warmed and spring planting has begun. The snowfall rate may actually overcome the heat from the ground and create accumulation. This will create further frustration for area farmers who are looking for a few more days of warm air and no snow cover in order to plant.

Travelers who are or will be on the road will have to contend with the potential snowfall and strong winds associated with the storm. Winds are forecast to be southeasterly and between 21 to 38 miles per hour. This may cause travel difficulties for high profile vehicles on highways and open areas.

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