Winnebago Board Holds Off Decisions on Area Drainage

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors had a series of drainage issues that were addressed in their weekly Tuesday meeting this week. The first was the final Public Hearing on Drainage District 1 Laterals 2 and 4 which have been completed. The board wanted to hear of any lingering issues since the laterals were cleaned and repaired. Residents did not register any issues with the work that had been done, and the project was officially deemed complete.

The board then considered two reports done by Jacobsen-Westergard Engineering Company involving Drainage District 3-11. Both the annexation and reclassification reports were accepted and approved by the board after two public hearings had been completed. The Drainage Clerk had noticed that there were small parcels of land that had not been incorporated into the district. The county then annexed those lands into the district and because this would change the amount in levies by the county for the district, a reclassification had to be done. This would involve several factors, but most notably, how much each property owner benefitted from the drainage. These benefits are classified and levy rates are set by the county accordingly.

The board then addressed Drainage District 21 and a small line near Rake that needs cleaning according to Rick Hopper of Jacobsen-Westergard.

According to the Winnebago County Auditors Office, landowners in the district in Winnebago County will pay 55% of the bill, while the Kossuth County side will pay 45% of the total bill.

Supervisor Terry Durby summed up the issues surrounding the cleanup and repair in the district.

A public hearing has been tentatively set for June 25th, but supervisors in each county will have to agree to the date.

Another drainage issue that involves Kossuth and Winnebago Counties involves Joint Drainage District 68-136. Again, Winnebago residents in that district are forecast to pay 94% of the projected cost, while Kossuth is projected to pay around 4%. Again, the tentative date for a public hearing will be June 25th.

A third concern addressed by Hopper was Drainage District 18 and its laterals 11,12,13, and 29. Each of these need cleaning and some repairs. A total cost will be shared with members of that drainage district in an informational letter from the Drainage Clerk. The tentative date for a public hearing is June 25th, but no firm time was decided on during the meeting. The board will discuss the setting of times for public hearings next Tuesday.






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