Road Construction Resumes on James Avenue

Weather has played major roles in the completion of road work throughout the area. Wright and Hancock County have seen their share of road closures due to ice, snow, and flooding. Between Britt and Kanawha, Flynn Construction has delayed completion of work on James Avenue because of the weather. Workers tore up the road in order to repave the entire route last summer and fall between the two cities. The work on James Avenue had to be stopped because of the onset of winter and early heavy snow.

Frustrated members of the Hancock County Board of Supervisors along with residents along the route were left with a dirt road which the county ended up putting down gravel down to make it passable. The board then imposed a daily fine on the company which began April 1st and continues until the road is complete.

Now, road crews are back out on the site laying down asphalt in order to complete the job and minimize the amount of the fine. Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach is happy to see the progress.

James Road serves as a link to both cities and provides bus routes for the West Hancock Community School District. Tlach and others are hopeful that the road will be open in time for graduation and spring activities in the two cities.


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