Bertleson Becomes a Distinguished Alum of NIACC

North Iowa Area Community College held an awards ceremony where it honored many outstanding individuals including Forest City Community School District’s own Scott Bertleson.  He has served as a speech and drama coach for the school for a number of years. He was very honored when he received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the college.

For many students, the community college route is an excellent introduction into the collegiate life. Small classes and one on one instruction can smetimes be vital, particularly for those who need that attention in advanced studies from those in the high school disciplines. Those elements become critical to the success of students who may feel lost as freshmen entering the large university setting. Bertleson admits, he was one of those students and the benefits were far reaching.

The old addage, “Those who can, teach” is prevelent in the work the Bertleson has accomplshed at Forest City Community Schools. Students look to Bertleson for guidence and strength in the theatrical and speech pieces they perform. These skills are then used in everyday life to create confidence and belief in ones’ self. All of this comes back to what he learned either directly or indirectly from his experience at NIACC.

By working with his students individually, he hopes he has brought out their greatest potential. Bertleson hopes that his students, especially those interested in teaching professionally, will pass these life lessons on to our future generations.




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