UPDATE: Power Outages Beginning to be Restored

Several area residents are hoping to have power restored to their homes by Sunday at the very latest. A strong storm blew through the area cutting power off at various times throughout the overnight on Thursday. Power crews have been dispatched to trouble spots where power poles snapped or lines broke from heavy amounts of ice that had collected on the lines.

Justin Foss with Alliant Energy reports that there was a lot of damage that needs to be worked on.

Some locations may see power restored today. Buffalo Center is expected to see power return around 11pm to some residents who lost it. An area south of Lake Mills where 36 homes lost power, along with an area between Lake Mills and Bristol where 67 lost power may see it come back by 11pm. The worst hit were homes between Hanlontown and Manly where 367 homes are without power. Alliant Energy says that all should be restored by 11pm tonight.

Other locations are awaiting the repair of a transmission line and broken or fallen power lines to go back up. The worst hit of these was Thompson where 334 residents will have to wait until Saturday at 11pm for power to be fully restored. They have been without power since 7:55am Thursday morning. Another area south of Scarville has 104 homes that are powerless since 8:37am on Thursday. Seventy seven residents between Northwood and Kensett have the same issue which began around 3am on Thursday, should be resolved by Saturday evening by 11pm.

Finally, a series of power lines toppled to the ground north of Leland around 3am on Thursday. This blacked out 213 residents who may not see power restored until midnight Sunday morning.

Alliant Energy is reporting a total of 51 outages with 2,189 customers effected. They believe that the north Iowa area should be fully restored by Sunday morning.

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