Roads Closed in Winnebago, Worth, and Hancock Counties

Winnebago County- According to Winnebago County engineer Scott Meinders County roads, R60 from Highway 69 to Scarville and R34 from 838th to A16 are closed. Engineer Meinders requests that residents stay away from these areas until further notice.


Hancock County- County Emergency Management says Hill Ave between 310th -320th ST, James Drive, 330th St to Crystal Lake campground, and Oak Ave between 260th – 270th St. All of these roads are closed due to down power lines and poles. Please stay away from these areas until further notice.


Worth County-  According to Worth County Emergency Management, Many towns are reporting power outages. Power lines are reported down in the 410th and Fir Ave areas. A Semi has blown over on I35. If you do not need to be out STAY HOME. Do not drive near or over downed power lines. Do not use generators inside of your home or garage. Carbon Monoxide buildup can KILL you. If you have damage to your property use the reporting tool located on the Worth County website to report it.

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