Iowa Supreme Court to Hear Arguements at the Boman Fine Arts Center Tonight

The entire Iowa Supreme Court will hear arguments in the Boman Fine Arts Center on Tuesday evening. Area residents will have the opportunity to hear and see how the Highest Court in the State operates. This case is out of Palo Alto County and is about wind towers, whether a certain utilities permit is required or not and whether the County Supervisors can allow the wind tower company to essentially write the ordinance the County uses to decide whether a wind tower should be approved, or not.

The Boman Fine Arts Center will hold it’s first court case tonight.

The opponents of the wind towers are fighting an seemingly uphill battle because the lower court already ruled against them and they would have to prove that the County’s actions were arbitrary, capricious, without reason. The other issue is that the county may have failed to consider the environmental impacts of the towers.

The court will not rule on the cases tonight. The rulings will come a couple months from now.

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