Garner City Council Reviews Another Marijuana Ordinance

The Garner City Council is currently reviewing Ordinance 445  which amends Chapter 127 of the City Code on marijuana sales. A recently enacted ordinance allows for marijuana sales in the industrial district of the city. However, a question of where it can be grown is now before the council. Garner Assistant City Administrator Daisy Huffman explained how the ordinance specifies growing locations.

The city is looking to get ahead of potential new laws that could be passed by the Iowa Legislature on the sale and growth of marijuana within city limits. The first objective is to allow for sales and possibly growth of the marijuana plants in locations which are away from shops and stores frequented by parents and family such as downtown.

The city has regulated the sale of marijuana products to the industrial district which is away from downtown. The council will have the third reading of the ordinance and potentially pass it in the next council meeting.

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