Wright County Board to Focus on Public Health and Bonds

The Wright County Board of Supervisors will meet Monday morning by first hearing from Sandy McGrath on Public Health issues. The first will be a review and possible action on the Public Health Interagency Agreement with Service Area 2. The board may take action or table the measure for further review. Then the board will review an Environmental Health Emergency Response Plan as to its viability. Again the board may approve the plan or discuss any proposed changes to the plan.

Sandy McGrath will conclude her presentations with a discussion on Environmental Health along with Planning and Zoning updates.

The board is looking at a potential project that may cost up to $2,700,000. The board will vote on the sale and issuance of General Obligation Urban Renewal Agreement resulting in the sale of bonds labeled Series 2019B. The notes will equal the amount of the proposed projects.

The meeting will take place in the Wright County Courthouse in Clarion.

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