Belmond Klemme Jazz Band Goes to State Championships on Tuesday

The Belmond Klemme Jazz Band placed second at the NCIBA District Jazz Festival and qualified for a trip to the Iowa Jazz Championships Tuesday, April 2nd at Iowa State University in Ames. The students earned Belmond Klemme’s first-ever entry to this state competition.

It is the band equivalent of a basketball or volleyball state tournament berth. The top 15 bands in the state in each class (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A) compete.

The Belmond Police will escort the band’s bus out of town with flashing lights (but no siren as they will be leaving at 5:45 AM). The band’s return time can only be an estimate as of now, but the district will coordinate with them by cell phone to meet them at the edge of town with police cruisers and fire trucks to escort them in a hero’s welcome through town.

Then the district will hold an impromptu reception for our Bronco Jazz Band in Luick Auditorium at approximately 7:00 PM on Tuesday, April 2. There will be a few brief speeches, followed by a receiving line. The school faculty and staff, parents, and our whole community are encouraged to come and honor the schools returning musicians.

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