Will Spring Planting Actually Be Delayed This Year?

With spring flood damage approaching three-billion dollars in Iowa and Nebraska combined, concerns are growing that waterways will again rise beyond their banks with even moderate rain showers. Iowa State University Extension agronomist Joel DeJong says the soil remains saturated across much of the state and spring planting will certainly be delayed for many growers.

Not only is the soil too water-logged to plant, but DeJong says there are many areas where the rich topsoil has been carried away by flooding.

Even if the waters have receded and the soil might soon be suitable for planting, DeJong says farmers are facing other obstacles, like all the trash, sand, rocks and trees deposited by the high water.

DeJong advises producers not to get too concerned over the wet weather as conditions can change quickly. He says it’s a good idea to get everything ready to go for planting, so it can get done quickly when things do dry out.

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