Tax Refund Thievery Occurring With Residents in Britt

Area residents are falling victim to tax refund thievery. According to Britt Police Chief Mark Anderson, area residents have evidently fallen victim to identity theft, and the tax refunds that are due to them are being sent to individuals who have stolen their Social Security numbers.

One of the individuals who fell victim to this was Jill Carlson of Britt. She had her taxes done at a local preparer, which had just put in additional security programs into their software to prevent hacking and thievery.

Carlson explained the shocking news about her refund.

She and anywhere from three to ten people in the Britt area alone have filed reports with Chief Anderson and his Britt Police Officers on this very issue. Anderson said that the Internal Revenue Service will work with the victims to get them the refunds they are due.

Anderson also stated that no, one preparer, is at fault.

Internal Revenue Service investigators and federal authorities have had these cases referred to them. Meanwhile, Anderson recommends that people should investigate using reputable credit monitoring programs and tax professional services to prevent issues like these. Those of you who may think you have run into the same problem, should first call your bank to see if the deposit has been made, then call your preparer to see if the taxes were filed. This should be followed with a call to the IRS to see if the refund has been sent. Finally, if the refund has been sent and cashed, but not to or by you, then you should contact your local law enforcement office to report the theft.


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