12 Angry Men to be Performed by an All Female Cast

In celebration of National Women’s History Month, an all female cast will perform 12 Angry Men in Mason City. The show is part of 12,000 voices across the nation on April 6th who will be performing the show.

Savannah Moore is the director and coordinator of the show.

  12 Angry Men is the story of twelve uniquely individual men, locked in a jury room, who must debate the fate of a young man around 18 involved in a murder case. Eleven of the jurors feel he is guilty for various reasons, but one juror doesn’t believe he is. The show was written for a particular time in American history says Moore.

One of the twelve impassioned women to perform this piece is Julie Keeley who must face the wrath of her peers during the show. While the show is written from an all male perspective, she must transform her role into that of a female perspective while still maintaining the objective of the character.

For the others in the cast, there are parts that are complete opposites of who and what they are used to, both from a male/female perspective, and from a personal belief angle.

For Moore, not only does the show tackle the issues of the day, but it also challenges the audience into self-examination.

Tickets for the show are available on the Mason City Community Facebook page only. The show will be at the Mason City Community Theater.


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