Hancock County Approves 911 Dispatch Agreement with Cities

What began with Hancock County trying to save taxpayers and city governments over a hundred thousand dollars a year while attempting to provide more efficient 911 dispatch services, has now resulted in a 28E agreement over increased fees on the cities, and where the Hancock County Communication Center shall reside.

In January, a cost analysis of 911 dispatch services was performed on what the county expects to receive from property taxes, and what the proposed payments will be from the cities. To make up the difference of a $416,800 budget, the rural citizens pay 64.76 percent, or $217,647, which is $53.65 per capita. Urban residents are now expected to pay a total of $199,153, which depending on the size of the city, falls somewhere between $41.09, to $43.97 per capita. Even after the increases to the cities, that means the rural citizens are paying $18,494 more than the urban citizens, which is nearly $10 more per capita. Garner City Administrator Randy Lansing explains how the cities perceive the incurred costs.

The cities also mandated in the 28E agreement that the Hancock County Communication Center shall remain at the Hancock County Public Safety Center in Hancock County, Iowa.

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors signed the 28E Agreement Monday, which states the county will continue to provide emergency 911 dispatch services to the cities of Britt, Garner, Kanawha, Corwith, Crystal Lake, Goodell, Woden, and Klemme.

Any party may terminate its participation in this 28E Agreement by providing a written notice 180 days prior.

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