Britt Puppy Laundering Scheme Now Tied to a New Jersey Store

Dog breeders in Britt who have been allegedly laundering what they term as rescue dogs to various locations in the western United States may now have ties to stores in New Jersey. The Iowa Attorney Generals Office has asked a court to order the non-profit rescue in Britt to cease and desist the operation because they are selling puppy mill dogs as rescue animals. Some of the dogs may have been sold for as much as $3,600 apiece.

Officials now say at least 25 of the dogs were shipped to pet stores in New Jersey  called “Shake a Paw” located in both Green Brook and Union Township. Jeff Morton owns the shops and he issued a written statement which said he was “shocked and saddened” by the situation. He remains steadfast that the animals were not sold in his stores, but instead were adopted out. The Iowa Attorney General’s Office does not accuse Morton or his company of any wrongdoing.

Evidently, this is not the first time that Morton was misinformed. In 2004, an investigation into Pennsylvania puppy mill operations found that dogs were ending up in his stores. Morton denied at the time then too, that he had any knowledge as to the source of the dogs being from puppy mills.

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