Winnebago Board Reviews External Audit

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday morning beginning with the approval of a proclamation from NIACC. The board then turned its attention to secondary road matters. The roads have had a significant amount of weathering over the last 4 to 6 months and some are not drivable for heavy vehicles such as school busses until they dry out more. The road department will assess each of the roads for any possible repair needs or resurfacing.

Currently, the county snow removal budget is down to 20% of the projected budget. The hope is that heavy snow conditions have ended and there will be little or no further need for clearing this spring.

The board was presented with the 2020 Secondary Road Budget and a 5 year construction program for the county. The five year program is essentially a wish list of things that need to be or are forecasted to be done.

The board then heard from Elizabeth Thayer of Gardner + Company who have conducted an annual external audit of the county. As expected, the report gave the county and its auditing practices a clean bill of health. The county had $19,602,457 in tax revenue, of which $12,411,538 was forwarded to the townships, school districts, cities, and other taxing bodies in the county.

Gardner + Company has audited the county annually for the last several years and is based out of Charles City and Des Moines.

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