Paid Parental Leave Act Introduced by Ernst

Senator Joni Ernst announced a new proposal aimed at giving parents in Iowa and across America the option of taking paid parental leave. Millions of working moms and dads in our country face huge hurdles in taking time off to spend with their newborns, which is why Senator Ernst is putting forward a proposal to address the issue.

As part of her plan, parents would be given the ability to receive one, two, or three months of paid leave by having the option to postpone activating their Social Security benefits for two, four, or six months. Parents can choose whether or not they’d like to opt in. Senator Ernst’s proposal is a path forward for a budget neutral paid leave option that gives parents greater flexibility without imposing a new government mandate.

The senator penned an op-ed in The Washington Post, entitled “How to provide paid family leave without further indebting the nation.” In addition to The Post, CBS This Morning, Radio Iowa, Washington Examiner, and a number of other outlets across the country covered the paid parental leave proposal.

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