Flooding Strikes in the Bear Creek Golf Course Area

The Forest City area has begun to see flooding due to the melting snows and ice on creeks and rivers. While western Iowa is seeing massive flooding causing the closing of roads and even towns, Forest City is seeing its share of the issue as the creek that runs through the Bear Creek Golf Course developed an ice jam under one of its walkway bridges just south of the clubhouse.


Calls went out as early as 3:30pm for volunteers to assist with filling sand bags. Others were recruited to maneuver the sand bags into position around two homes that were nearly surrounded by water from the creek. Forest City Mayor Byron Ruiter, fresh off a major water main break in the city that resulted in a boil order and distribution of bottled water, assessed the latest crisis.


The ice jam butted up against one of the walkway bridges and extended north from the bridge anywhere from 100 to 150 feet north of the bridge. More ice continued to flow down to the jam while water tried to find its way around the bridge and began to flood paved walkways leading up to the bridge. Winnebago and Hancock County Emergency Management Coordinator Andy Buffington stated his concerns regarding the flooding and potential hazards.

The Waldorf Warriors football team goes to work sandbagging around a second home vunerable to the approaching waters.

City officials and homeowners continue to be on alert in case further issues develop.

Members of the Waldorf University football team and other volunteers fill sandbags at the City Shed behind Shopko.
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