King Commends Trump for Keeping E15 Year Round Sales Promise

Congressman Steve King releases this statement following the announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency is issuing a proposed rule that will allow for the year round sale of E15. The proposed rule allows for the sale of E15 blended gasoline over summer months (June 1st thru September 15th), reversing a thirty year old ban on sales during that period. The announced rule on E15 represents the fulfillment of a promise President Trump made to Congressman King during an Oval Office meeting in which King requested the President take action to allow E15’s year round sale.

“President Trump is a man who keeps his promises, and I can attest to this fact because he kept his promise to me on E15,” said King.“When I met with President Trump in the White House on behalf of Iowa’s farmers, I specifically asked him to make year round sales of E15 a reality. Two days after promising me he would act on E15, the President made a public announcement of his intention to do so.  Now, his administration has produced a new E15 sales rule that should be in place before summer driving season kicks off. For 30 years, Iowa’s producers have been needlessly penalized with a ‘summer sales’ ban on E15, and it was a pleasure working with President Trump to reverse this ban and to open up the calendar to increased sales of ethanol when Americans are driving the most.”

In addition to discussing the issue directly with President Trump, Congressman King has personally pressed EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler for a rule enabling the ‘year round’ sale of E15.

King has long been recognized as one of the leading proponents for biofuels like ethanol in the United States House of Representatives, and he practices what he preaches. His personal vehicles never contain anything less than E10, and that had been the case for at least a generation. In 2018, King was awarded the “Fueling Growth” award for working in Congress to promote the use of Ethanol and to support a strong Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS).

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