Winnebago and Hancock County Secondary Roads Suffer From the Rain and Thaw

Secondary roads continue to be monitored by all area county secondary road engineers and offices. Several roads in Hancock County and some in Winnebago County are closed or flagged as dangerous to those wanting to take them. Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders says Winnebago County is not alone with dangerous secondary roads.

While some may think adding rock to the secondary roads would ease the problem, potentially blocking the water, Meinders states that will not help right now.

Weather conditions should improve as the weekend nears, but temperatures will get above freezing during the day allowing for more melting of the snow. The last few days have been a test on drainage systems and ditches.

For now, extreme caution should be used as people try to get to and from their homes. The water isn’t necessarily seen as it flows either under or through the gravel and mud.





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